About Us

Our Philosophy & Curriculum

First Presbyterian Church Nursery School (FPCNS) is a preschool learning center founded in 1975.  Because a child
learns through their play in their preschool years, the program at FPCNS is play-oriented.

FPCNS-bag-webPlay is a child’s “work”!

Play provides an opportunity for hands-on learning and discovery through the use of a wide variety of materials. The activities for three, four, and five year olds are selected and organized by qualified and dedicated teachers who have knowledge of the needs and interests of the young children.
Our curriculum involves the following elements to help children learn through play!

Thematic units using children’s literature
Hands-on science experiments
Dramatic play
Creative art activities
Exploring art with different media
Small motor manipulatives
Large building blocks
Cooking fun
Letter of the week
Pre-math manipulatives
“Get ready for kindergarten!”

What Makes Us Special!

Home Visits My teachers will visit with me just before school nursery_about1starts either at my house or someplace in Findlay! We will have a chance to get acquainted a little bit before the first day at school.  They will take my picture and I will see it when I go to the Open House with my mom and/or dad.  Then I will be ready for the first day all by myself!

Parent/Teacher Conferences Twice a year my parents get to talk to my teachers about my days in preschool.  It is a great time for them to find out how well I do in the classroom with the other students and with the skills I am learning.

Field Trips/Special Speakers: We will get to go on some field trips during the school year like to Riverbend, the Log Cabin, and the Equestrian Farm.  We will have people come to visit us from Oakwoods Nature Preserve, the Humane Society, and other professionals, too.

Mom and me/Dad’s Day: In the fall, Mom gets to come to school with me and join in on the fun and Dad gets to come on a Saturday morning in the spring!  I can’t wait!

Indoor/Outdoor Play: When I’m at school, I will get to use my large muscles every day in the “Large Muscle Room”  or outside on our playground.

Pre-session Child Care: If my mom or dad has to get to work before my class starts, I can come and play early with a special lady until time to go to my class.  It’s a nice, calm way to start my day!

Curbside Drop-off and Pick-up: The church has a circular drive and my parents can drive right up and the teachers come out to my car and get me!  This is great since my little sister is still in a car seat-mom doesn’t even have to get out to bring me in!