Church Background

History of the First Presbyterian Church:

The First Presbyterian Church was organized in the home of Wilson Vance on December 21, 1830. The Reverend Peter Montford was its first pastor.  During the first years of the church, services were held with much regularity in private residences.  The first church building, a plain frame structure, was located on East Crawford Street, and was built between the years of 1835-1841.

By 1856, the congregation had grown to the point that a new building was needed.It was erected on the corner of Main and Hardin Streets. This building served the congregation until 1899, at which time continued growth necessitated a new, larger building.

In 1901, a new church was dedicated on the corner of Main and Lincoln Streets.This building was destroyed by fire in 1951, and our current church building was completed in 1955. Memorial Chapel was added in 1980, and a handicapped accessible entrance and elevator were added in September of 1993. In 2005, we expanded again, adding the Great Room addition including classrooms, a new kitchen and a room that is simply ‘great’.


Pastor's NameTime with FPCAssociateInterim
Peter Montford1830-1833
Thomas Clark1833-1834
Peter Montford1834-1835
George Van Eman1835-1841
Simon Peck1841-1842
R. H. Holliday1842-1854
John A. Meeks1855-1865
J. M. Cross1865-1869
A. B. Fields1869-1872
Eban Muse1872-1875
R. R. Sutherland1876-1881
John C. Watt1881-1885
Joshua R. Mitchell1885-1898
John Montgomery1899-1906
Lester S. Boyce1907-1911
W. F. Dickens-Lewis1911-1917
W. Frank Reber1917-1923
John David Lindsay1924-1939
Charles W. Muir1939-1948
Joseph M. Broady1943-1946
Russell G. Bisnett1949-1953
Ernest Noe Bigelow1953-1968
Donald E. Howitz1955-1958x
Frederick Allen1959-1966x
Terry G. Bard*1968-1998
Dean M. Carzoo*1969-1999x
Helen Webb1977-1978x
Margaret (Peggy) Wood1979-1988x
Michelle Stecker1989-1996x
Harris H Schultz1999-2001x
William Barnard2000-2002xx
John W. Wurster2001-2007
Donna Giver Johnston2002-2008x
Thomas Oxtoby2007-2008x
Jerry Foust2008-2010xx
Dan Hrach2009-2012
Patrick Cherry2010-2015x
David R. Aber2012-2014x
Cynthia Holder Rich2014-2017
Beth Zuehlke2015-2016x bridge pastor
Jessica Myers2016-presentx interim pastor

* Pastor Emeritus

Coming Up

8:00 a.m.

Communion Worship in the Chapel

8:45 a.m.
Prayer Ministry in the Chapel

9:30 a.m.
Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary

10:00 a.m.
Godly Play in Room 110
(3rd grade & younger)

10:45 a.m.
Christian Education
Seminar - Fellowship Hall
Character Builders - Room 209,210

Childcare available for 2 years and under from 9:15 a.m. to noon in Room 107B & C.